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Teralytics Studio

Smart Data Supporting Smart Decisions

Teralytics Studio provides a comprehensive toolkit for viewing and understanding the movement of people and vehicles. Teralytics Studio provides the total numbers of people and vehicles moving from place to place as well as the total traffic and pedestrian volumes by road segment. Transportation professionals can use Teralytics Studio to make better, more informed decisions, anything from optimizing current operations to planning for future mobility challenges.


  • Explore total trip patterns
  • Discover local corridor flows
  • Monitor daily, monthly and annual changes
  • Identify opportunities for modal shift away from passenger vehicles
  • Analyze trips related to specific events by date and location
  • View total traffic volumes and traffic route choice by road segment or trip relationship

Data Content

Origin Destination Matrices

  • Total trip patterns
  • Travel purpose
  • Mode choice
  • Daily, monthly and yearly insights
  • Events and tourism insights for local areas

Traffic Volumes

  • On all roads, everywhere
  • Pedestrian flows
  • Traveler demographics

The Teralytics Advantage

Teralytics leverages specific, complementary data sources, including:

Sampled Movement:Teralytics uses multiple data sources, including mobile network data (MND) and GPS waypoints from mobile devices and connected vehicles.

Referenced Movement:More than 2 million observed traffic counts from published government sources and toll road authorities are used together with demographic data to scale the sampled movements.

Modeled Movement:The final development step uses a routable transportation network, government surveys, employment and point of interest data.

Quality Assurance:Output results of the development process are confronted with independent data sources (government surveys and measurements).

Teralytics data science expertise combines with the data sources to provide a more accurate and complete digital twin of mobility than was possible in the past. Key advantages of the Teralytics Studio data content compared with other sources available on the market are:

  • Comprehensive coverage: every street and road is covered
  • Continually updated: daily, monthly and annual updates
  • Superior quality: the methodology ensures local, regional and national validation
  • Consistency: the methodology results in a unified dataset with traffic volumes and trip
    tables that, by definition, match
  • Cost effectiveness: Teralytics Studio provides a more cost-effective solution than field
    surveys and detection equipment

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